The term MBA is familiar to all of you. It is a very popular discipline in the world today. But anyway, I would like to expand the abbreviation; the full form of mba is Masters of Business Administration. Nowadays, MBA as a discipline is very popular in India and the whole world. Today, every student who completes their bachelors or equivalent study draws a picture in their mind of what they are going to do after. Most of them wish to study for a Masters of Business Administration. According to them, this degree opens up many opportunities in terms of jobs or starting their establishment. This degree is so valuable for them that they never get demotivated in life and spend their glorious two years with optimism and hard work. 

This is 100 per cent true that doing an MBA opens many opportunities for students to get a job in every sector and in different high-paying positions. Be it a private sector or Government sector; jobs come flooded for those who acquire an MBA. 

Let’s suppose you have passed your graduation in English and now you have decided to do your MA in English. There is a good possibility that you complete your masters with flying colours and are all set to become a lecturer in English in some excellent college. But think about your classmate, who does not want to become a lecturer. When you talk to him, he says he is in a dilemma of what to do after the master’s course. Now you suggest that he take up writing as a career, but think yourself, is it a good suggestion? Is it so easy to become a writer? Does your friend have enough time to devote his time to writing as a career? If he succeeds, then it is good for him, but what if not? Now, I want to make a point that it is always profitable to choose a professional course over other courses. If you do a professional course like MBA, there are greater chances to land a high-paying job, and there is no room for self-doubt and limiting beliefs. Courses like MBA are good because it has specializations. You can take up the course and master your disciplines which will make you always confident about the subject and reflect in your work.

When you search in google the full form of mba and the top colleges to do an mba, you can find that there are numerous colleges in India and abroad offering MBA as a career. There are top-notch colleges like the IIMs, and then there are other colleges that fall behind them. But trust me, it is okay to do an MBA from a mediocre college trying to give the best infrastructure and facilities to its students and are constantly improving themselves to reach the top. A student doesn’t need to get their MBA from the IIMs by cracking all the competitive exams; no doubt it is good if they get through it, but what if they don’t? So they should take a chance to study in the budding colleges trying to offer the students what they are looking for.

I have handpicked some of the best colleges in India (Direction wise, East, West, North and South) other than IIMs. They offer the best MBA education to its students and ensure they get placed in the right company and firm, drawing a decent salary.

1.  Kaziranga University, Jorhat, Assam. (East India)

2. Symbiosis Institute of International Business (SIIB), Hinjewadi, Pune. (West India)

3. T.A. Pai Management Institute (TAPMI), Manipal, Karnataka. (South India)

4. Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Hosur Road, Bangalore. (South India)

5. International Management Institute (IMI), Qutab Institutional Area, Delhi. (North India)

6. Great Lakes Institute of Management, Kanchipuram, Chennai. (South India)

7. Goa Institute of Management (GIM), Goa. (South-West India)

8. Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies (SIMS), Khadki, Pune. (West India)

9. Fore School of Management, Qutab Institutional Area, Delhi. (North India)

10. ICFAI Business School (IBS), Donthanapally, Hyderabad. (South India)

It is good to do an MBA from a top-notch college, but it is not always wrong to do an MBA from a decent college. The academia, faculty, infrastructure, and placements ultimately matter at the end of the day. And there is no doubt every college offering courses like MBA is trying hard to offer the best to its students.

As I conclude this article, I shall like to discuss some of the benefits of doing an MBA.

1. New Job Positions are open: An MBA graduate gets an array of opportunities after earning their degree. They get an excellent entry-level position as soon as they graduate, and they are capable of scaling up their career to different job positions in future. They get a unique trajectory in life which one does not get doing other courses. The more experience they gain, the more exposed they become to newer job roles and opportunities.

2. New career paths are open: Say you are in a different field of work and want to change your career to another area. Usually, it is somewhat difficult because it seems impossible to think about something else after working in a particular field for quite a long time. But if you want to change your career, an MBA will work as a catalyst in giving you the courage to pursue your dream job. Once you have done an MBA, working on your desired career path will be a cakewalk.

3. Earning potential increases: An MBA degree gives a significant boost to your earnings. According to a recent study, the potential earning increases by 50% after doing an MBA. Regardless of the additional responsibilities you have on your shoulders, work becomes easy and fun if you are compensated adequately for your work and duties. 

4. Improves Professional skills: One of the most important benefits of doing an MBA is learning the theoretical and practical knowledge of how a business operates. To succeed in a business, it is most important to have soft skills such as communication, leadership and teamwork. These soft skills, coupled with technical skills, will make you a star in the office, put you up for any promotions, and help you plan for opening up your enterprise.

5. Greater job security: Today’s job market is going through the most turbulent times, which is becoming a concern for most employees. Employees always have a fear of getting left out. But, having an MBA degree gives one the courage to work freely in such unpredictable circumstances. Because an MBA graduate has the most marketable skills and has greater job security, which contributes to one’s peace of mind. The skills you develop in an MBA programme will make you a valuable member of any team. Even if you lose a job, your qualifications travel with you and make you get to work quickly.

6. Expansion of professional network: A strong professional network is essential for any business and business practitioner. Students from various B-Schools tell that getting engaged and having connections with their alumni and other professional networks helps them get better job opportunities and gain better insights when starting their own business.

Thus, now we are clear about the full form of mba, which is Masters in Business Administration and is undoubtedly the most in-demand course in today’s times, having scores of benefits for its aspirants. If you have been searching about the full form of mba? and is willing to do the course, gather all the information about it and jump right into it. By enrolling on the program is the best decision you would make in life which you are not going to regret in future.


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