While going for higher education, choosing a college at one’s convenience seems to be quite a tough job. Deciding on for a college that fulfills all your needs is the only purpose. Instead of worrying much, you need to figure out some major key factors according to your will. Because you’re going to invest three to four precious years of your life. So, no need to worry much, here are some aspects that might meet your expectations and help you to choose ‘what’s best for you!’


A perfect environment to study is a primary feature of academics. Firstly, must check the location of the college. Is it at the center of the city? Is it nearby a residential area or shrine (temple)? Make sure that the location is not a noisy area. Because noisy environment will affect your studies.

Secondly, you must look out for a clean serene green surrounding. As green environment creates more comfortable and tranquil atmosphere. And true learning becomes very much easier in such an environment. Also do observe that it offers a comfortable and friendly environment to students.

Thirdly, it must be known as a safe location. It ought not to be recognized for criminal activities. Be aware and alert to the surroundings and the crime prevention entity. Because safety should be your first priority.


Accreditation is a process of official recognition of any institute by the authorities of government. Assume that you’ve successfully cleared your higher education from the college and later you discover that the institute is a fraud. No such institute ever exists. That means, along with a huge amount of money, your three to four years of life also went in vain. Thereby looking for a government acknowledge institute/ college must be a prime factor when deciding on a college. The easiest way to know proper authorization is, you can go through the official website of UGC (University Grant Commission) and check the verification list, whether it includes the name of the college, you’re looking for. Also, go through the official website of the college and check NAAC approval. Just remind that the reputation of an institute is highly noteworthy.


Before looking for a college, one must be confident with the choice and interest of the subject. But sometimes, you might get confused while choosing a subject of your field of interest. Hence, when you find yourself in a dubiety state, without hesitation go through the courses that are provided by the colleges. Always remember to check the variation in courses delivered. And by this, you can easily pick up the subject of your choice. Also, don’t forget to go through the syllabus and programme to find out whether it is up-to-date or not! An updated syllabus is highly recommended because, with the passing of time, everything needs to get furnished and updated with the flow.


Infrastructure executes a major function in an educational career. Infrastructure is not just only about huge and highly furnished buildings; rather check the basic facilities such as libraries, laboratories, auditoriums, washrooms, healthcare rooms, pantries and cafeterias. Because all these, including the campus area, fields and playgrounds plays a highly influencing role to create a learning environment. Counting on all the above facilities, one must not fail to check the interiors of the classrooms. The classroom holds a huge impact on students’ learning. Must explore through the classroom, because a gloomy and uneven classroom hampers students’ learning and might create negativity within him/her. Save the fact that, infrastructure boosts students learning routine.

Now, an affordable fees structure should be another essential factor. Knowing the course package is necessary so that it won’t hamper your economic status. As you know your family’s economic condition well, so always consider the cost of the course as a primary factor. Before getting admitted, assure that the college you’re going to choose is within your means. Along with the reasonable cost structure, do check out the terms of scholarships as well.


Results of passed-out students highlight the academic approach of an institute. What is one’s main motive to go to college? Obviously, the primary concern will be to gain enormous knowledge in the interested field. And after this one might like to involve into other curricular works, engage into various skills, etc. So, as your primary concern is to achieve your goal but before everything, you should never fail to inspect the academic career of the alumni of the college. As it will disclose about the learning role of the college.

To know the reality of the ‘quality learning of a college’ never follow the wide-ranging advertisements only. As there are many such colleges, that can’t afford to advertise but might give you a good quality of knowledge. If you’re truly seeking good quality learning, you must go through the previous year’s results and the current position of the alumni.

Except for these five, there are still some factors that you should not neglect. Such as the qualification of the faculties, the distance of the college from your place, teaching methods, etc. Do note down the all details of the college and fit yourself comfortably in the institute of your choice.


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