BBA is a professional degree that will teach you the fundamentals of business and management. Pursuing BBA subjects will give a deeper understanding of how a company works and its various mechanisms. You can start your career right after pursuing your BBA, or you can use it as a gateway for doing your MBA.

BBA is undoubtedly the best course if you want to build yourself professionally. It may be becoming a manager in a big company or starting your venture. The subjects of BBA will build your foundation in such a way that you become an expert in handling businesses of large companies and confident in making your own. This degree has immense value, and there are many reasons why you should choose BBA over other courses. Here are some of the top 7 reasons why you should choose to do a BBA degree.

Top 7 reasons to do a BBA

1. It is a versatile degree: A BBA degree is not just about getting a job. While most other bachelor’s degrees concentrate most on the theory part, a BBA degree is all about practical applications and personality development. BBA subjects with their practical applications will make you a wholesome professional and set you up for success.

2. Professional Degree: A BBA degree is entirely a professional degree for students who want a career in business and management. This degree helps students get placed right after their graduation. There is no need for them to study for an additional Masters Degree because they will be able to learn practically everything on the job, which is the same as doing a masters degree.

3. Multiple disciplines covered: The subjects of BBA cover everything that is needed for you to become a professional in the field. It will make you a knowledgeable professional. The different disciplines covered in a BBA degree are Marketing, Human Resources Management, Organizational behaviour, Strategic Management and Accounting.

4. Stepping stone for MBA: Graduates from all disciplines can do an MBA. But if you have done your BBA, it will be much easier for you to grasp what MBA offers. You are most likely taught the same things, but you delve much deeper into an MBA degree. Thus, it is a great foundational course for pursuing MBA.

5. High Salary and Benefits: A high salary coupled with other benefits is the goal of most professionals. A BBA degree can help you to make it happen. With this degree, you open the doors to the best managerial and administrative professions where the salary and benefits are the best.

6. Personal Development: As mentioned above, a BBA degree is just about education and personality development. It gives you the capability to build your leadership skills, manage a team, and run a whole company. The degree also teaches you to be a good team leader and team player as well. And most importantly, it also builds your oratory skills, as you are required to give presentations. At the end of the curriculum, you will be fully developed into a wholesome person.

7. Affordable: BBA degree is much more affordable than an MBA degree or other Management related courses. In finishing the course, you will get total value for your money, as this degree helps you land up high paying jobs.

Now, as we have discussed the top 7 reasons to do a BBA course, I would like to discuss BBA subjects.

Subjects of BBA

The BBA syllabus consists of Business communication, Business mathematics, Business organization, Fundamentals of Accounting, Management concepts and practices, Managerial Economics, Organizational behaviour, Management Accounting, Business Environment, Business Statistics and Marketing Management, etc. Given below are the few topics and subjects of the BBA syllabus.

BBA syllabus
Principles of ManagementBusiness Mathematics and StatisticsIntroduction to operations research
Business EconomicsFinancial & Management AccountingProduction & Material Management
Personnel Management & Industry RelationsMarketing ManagementBusiness Data Processing
Business LawsIntroduction to PsychologyBusiness Analytics
Introduction to SociologyMicro EconomicsOrganizational Behaviour
Essentials of MarketingCorporate Strategic ManagementHuman Resource Management
MIS / Systems DesignUnderstanding Industry and MarketsLeadership and Ethics
StrategyEntrepreneurshipInternational Business Management
Sales & Distribution ManagementCommercial Bank ManagementSecurity Analysis
Manufacture Planning and ControlDigital MarketingRetail Management
E-CommerceQuantitative MethodsComputer Applications
Family Business ManagementExport/ Import ManagementPR Management
Project ManagementFinancial & Commodity DerivativesFinancial Modelling using spreadsheets
Industrial Relations and Labour LegislationConsumer Behaviour 

Here above, I have discussed the syllabus for BBA. Now let me discuss the top five BBA specializations in India, though there are many which I would not like to cover in this article. I want to cover all of them in another article.

Here are the five BBA specializations in India:

1. BBA in Business Administration: BBA in Business Administration is for those who want to get into the management and administration aspects of the business. In this specialization, you will learn about the fundamentals and concepts of business administration that can be applied in any business.

2. BBA in Computer Application: Computer Application is a field that is in high demand today as well as in the future. With a BBA in computer application, you will learn to develop computer applications and programs. If you do a BBA degree, then along with developing, you will also be able to manage teams of developers.

3. BBA in Finance: BBA in Finance specialization is for students who are good with numbers and have strong analysis and reasoning skills. The Finance Department is the most critical in any organization, and finding an administrative job in a company would be a great career move.

4. BBA in Entrepreneurship: Why work for others when you can start your own company. BBA in Entrepreneurship will equip you to create your establishment. In BBA in Entrepreneurship, students will learn how to start a company from scratch and make the laws and compliances one has to follow.

5. BBA in Human Resources: Human Resources professionals are an essential part of any business. An HR ensures the company is running smoothly and all the employees in the company are happy. HR is all about the organizational structure and serves as the bridge between the employees and management.

So, you have got a glimpse of a few BBA specializations in India. I would lastly point out some colleges where you can do your BBA efficiently with value for money.

1. Kaziranga University, Assam.

2. Christ University, Bangalore.

3. Amity International Business School, Noida.

4. Institute of Management Studies, Noida.

5. Mount Carmel College, Bangalore.

6. Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai.

7. Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, Delhi.

8. Wilson College, Mumbai.

9. NIMS University, Jaipur.

10. Birla Global University, Bhubaneswar.

Hence, now we are clear of why you should do a BBA and glimpse the BBA subjects. There are lots of benefits to doing a BBA. You can only realize what you are doing, only after you join the course. It will help to unfold numerous opportunities for you.


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