Studying might not be easy when you are home during a pandemic. So, these are some study tips during the COVID-19 Pandemic to make you excel during the lockdown.

During these unusual times, all the people, especially the students, find themselves homebound for weeks and months when all the things have to be done differently and that too studying. 

Nobody knows when this Pandemic will end or how long it will take to get everything normal. Till then, we have to keep moving forward, taking all the preventive measures.

Before the Pandemic, it was easier to distract ourselves from studying. We went out with friends, playing games or out for a party. There were numerous distractions when everything was normal. But now, when the Pandemic is amidst us, we have no other options but to sit at home and study.

It is time to adjust your focus and to start focussing on your skills and polish them.

Here are some study tips during the COVID-19 Pandemic that will help you to excel in your studies.

1. Avoid Distractions: Getting too busy on mobile phones and laptops can be of no use. Maintain a routine and time of how many hours you will dedicate to studying and the time you will spend on refreshments such as listening to music, taking a nap, or anything you like.

2. Let others at your home know that you will study: Your family members must understand that you will study, which will help you get a quiet time to concentrate.

3. Focus: There is no point in studying when you are not focused. Dedicate your study time or schedule by being focused. If you are studying more than your scheduled time, that’s great! It means you are willing to learn hard and will term you as hyper-focused.

If getting bored, try to take a break, stretch yourself, have some snacks and then get back to study.

4. Reward yourself: When you study hard, don’t forget to reward yourself. It is tough to study when the whole country and the world is going through a pandemic.

Don’t forget to reward yourself by eating your favourite dessert, watching your favourite web series or just sleeping, whatever you would like to do.

5. Keep Reading: Keep reading, whether it is a novel for your pleasure or reading for reference.

Studies say that by reading, you improve your vocabulary and your grammar. It also serves you well in your downtime.

6. Set Goals: Set some realistic goals that you can achieve. Remember that the goals should not be hard to achieve or easily achievable. Try to analyze your calibre before setting the goals.

When the goals are achieved, again reward yourself and do take a break.

7. Maintain your physical health: For an active brain being physically active is most important. Try to engage in some indoor games, often exercise, dance and eat healthy food.

A healthy mind and body will help you to attract innovative ideas and improve your thinking.

8. Manage mental health: Manage your mental health in these difficult times. Learn how to manage your emotions. A healthy and strong mind helps one to concentrate more and achieve their goals effortlessly.

9. Boost your study skills: You should focus on being a better student. Try to improve your handwriting and make notes so that you can remember stuff for a longer time. Finish your assignments on time and be creative.

10. Keep your social connections: Connect with your friends and batchmates through video chats and other applications. Remember that you connect with them regularly and have healthy discussions both academically and non-academically. Not connecting with them will lead you to isolation and ultimately depression.


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