It is crucial to have counsellors in every school and other educational institutions, and the mental health of the students should not be taken lightly. Though the stigmas attached to mental health is not normalized, one should take the initiative and hire mental health professionals in every educational institution because it is the overall health of the youths that will determine the progress and prosperity of the nation.

The significance of mental health is still not understood by many. The pre-existing stigmas related to mental and psychological health have not still been erased or normalized. Although institutions and other health professionals are trying to raise awareness, it is still a negative norm in many places. Schools and other educational institutions are a major way to make the students and their parents understand mental health and how much it is critical for the prospering of the students in every way. Many schools and educational institutes have started hiring counsellors to help students come out of their many dilemmas and ensure that they carry sound mental health.

Students often have problems in balancing their time in effective study and their social and personal life. They also struggle with organizing their timetables, e.g. which homework or task to complete first and which one next- they struggle to decide how much time it is worth dedicating between different subjects or task. Many students lives far away from campus, most of them take part in extra-curricular activities, and many occupied with other things. This often leaves students under stress and confusion on how they will manage their timetables. That is why educational institutes should have counsellors. The counsellors can help students in managing their schedules. Moreover, the counsellors will mainly benefit the students figure out and solve the reasons that hamper and destroy their studies, personal and social life, and mental well-being. The students and their parents might hesitate to find a counsellor outside, so it becomes more accessible and trusted if the educational institutes hire counsellors and experts to solve their problems.

Many students face problems when they newly join an educational institute. Here’s when the academic counsellors come in and help them adjust to their new environment and help them conquer their issues so that their education is not disrupted. Many students sometimes leave their city and their countries to study, where they might feel lonely and depressed about living away from home and family. Hence, the counsellors will be able to help them in strategizing and managing their studies and also help them in adjusting to the new place. 

The role of counsellors is to help and support individuals who face problems in their different aspects of life that disrupt their mental, physical and social well being. Having counsellors in school will better promote the importance of the student’s mental health, which otherwise they fail to share with someone else. And having counsellors in Universities and other higher institutions will help the students manage their routine and timetable and encourage them to support their peers. This can help to break the pre-existing norms of psychological well being and visiting therapists. Every educational institute should help organize sessions of the students with counsellors free and available.


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