Written words are really powerful. In the age of social media, we might get distracted and forget that how powerful words are. There are memes, animations, and so many types of media. But words are still powerful, as it connects to the deep level. Writing better content is an art in itself.

No one is born a great writer. Every great writer learned to write, either by themselves or had a mentor to guide them. This means you can also learn to write, it is a skill that and can be learned. I am going to mention three weapons that will help you to write better.

Weapon 1: Write as you talk

If you wish people to listen to you, you don’t have that much of a problem because it’s simple to let people listen to what you speak. People usually do not suffer from a talker’s block as much as they face writer’s block. When it comes to writing, most people go blank as they don’t know what to write. It happens because they want to be a perfectionist in it. They always think that their writing has to be perfect, so they start to write as if writing an essay or thesis paper. They intend to use complex words and sentences while writing. 

We should keep in mind that we do not impress our English teacher in digital marketing and online writing. But we write to make our audiences pay attention to our messages and pay us money for the products and services we sell. That is the power of writing, like talking.

But sometimes, if you write as you talk, there will still be some people who will not read. Just like, when you are talking to someone, and they are not responding. This can be painful. When you write, and no one answers, it does not pain much because you don’t know who is reading. But somehow, if you know how many people have ignored your writing, you will feel the pain.

That brings us to the 2nd most powerful writing weapon.

Weapon 2: Join a Conversation (Don’t start one)

The best way to get talking to people in real life is to join an exciting conversation they are having with others.

Imagine yourself standing in a queue to vote on a sunny day. A beautiful lady is standing next to you who is sweating. How can you talk to her and get into a conversation? You can’t talk about yourself first, or you can’t speak random things; if you do, there are chances that she will ignore you. You can probably say something like, isn’t the weather hot today? And she would reply, “so true I have been sweating profusely.” There you go, you have started a conversation. How does this happen? You have started a conversation that was already in her mind.

Similarly, I am writing this post about “how to write better content” which according to me is already in your mind. And I am just joining the conversation that you have inside your head. That’s why written copy is so powerful. More powerful than 20-seconds video or TV ads that causes millions. There is one more thing, how will you find what’s going on in someone’s mind? That brings us to our 3rd most powerful weapon.

Weapon 3: Know them and understand them well 

If you don’t know them well, how will you be able to understand what’s running in his/her head?

In our previous example, how would you join a conversation with the beautiful girl if you don’t know what she is thinking? Hereby initiating a conversation with a hook (The hook is what’s running in her head), you can keep talking all by yourself. Good talking is a good conversation. It is not talking only one way. You have to let her speak, and you listen. By doing this, you can understand her better. For example: Remember you were standing in a queue to vote; after initiating the conversation with her, you can now start any conversation like who you are going to vote or asking who she’s going to vote. This way, the conversation will go deep, and you will be able to understand her better.

Similarly, writing is not that different. Here I have started a conversation on the topic you had in your mind, which is “How to write better content?”It was a question that you already had in your mind, and I have started the conversation with you in my pursuit of understanding you and offer a solution, i.e., steps to writing better content.


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