Have you ever thought that everyone is selling at some point or the other? Be it a service, a product or an idea. Sales is an integral part of life. How we do it is a skill. How to make people say yes makes a world of difference. Attracting customers with a fancy looking advertisement would not work sometimes. You should think, analyze and go beyond. Copywriting and sales are the most integral part of Digital Marketing. 

As a marketer, if you can generate traffic to your website but not monetize it, it will let all your efforts go down into a rut. It is a difficult task to generate views and sales. You should aim to generate more traffic and then do deep marketing. 

There are two types of advertising. One is regular advertisements informing and educating the public about the product or service with its creative outlook.

The other is direct response advertising. In direct response advertising, we get the customer’s response of an ad to gauge its performance. It induces the customer’s to take some action and let us measure the effectiveness of an ad and then drive sales.

A successful advertisement is a combination of 

1. Creative design and

2. Compelling ad copy

An ad copy, also known as copywriting, means to create persuasive text or words to entice the target audience. It’s a tool you can use to turn your prospective audience into buyers, or you can say it’s a tool to drive your audiences to take action. If you want to get the most out of your ads, copywriting is a tool you should learn to drive sales. Copywriting and sales are both important parts of a consumer’s buying journey. At times, it helps build high retention in the consumers’ minds, but sometimes it fails to receive the desired action. As a digital marketer, you should give huge importance to copywriting. The advertisement has to talk for you; it has to speak the language that the consumers can understand and then reciprocate. 

Some various potential sales triggers can help you build an effective sales strategy. Here are some very powerful sales triggers that can

convert any strangers into buyers.

1. Reciprocity

When people are familiar with you and the product, it becomes easy to drive sales. Does this mean that if you are new to the market, you cannot sell? Of course not, use reciprocity to penetrate the market and make an impact. People tend to give back to the people who have added value to them. Try to provide continued value to your target audience, and at last, they wouldn’t refuse an offer you would make.

2. Consistency

Many people are consistent in their buying preferences. They tend to buy the same brand and products that they have purchased earlier. Their brand loyalty keeps them attached to the brand and their products. If your customers are happy with your brand and exceed their expectations, your other offerings will be accepted with open arms.

3. Authority

When an advertisement has an endorsement from a credible person in their niche, the ad has good results. We listen to health recommendations from doctors, educational recommendations from coaches and legal recommendations from lawyers and so on. As an authority, their views and recommendations are positively taken by the people. Once you become an authority, people will follow you and your recommendations.

4. Social Proof

Today’s digital age ratings and reviews of your products online play an essential role in its sales. People indeed buys the products that are purchased by many. Here social proof plays a vital role in driving sales. Many customers decides to buy a product based on the ratings and reviews made online. Ensuring a rating of 4-stars and above can be a real game-changer for your business.

5. Scarcity

Sales is a word that attracts consumers like a magnet. It has been proven when a product or service is scarce, the demand for it becomes high. Hence, using this process to convey your product’s unique selling proposition (USP) effectively drives sales.

6. Liking

If people like your product or service or even you, they are most likely to say yes. Why do people like each other? It is because they agree with us or share a common goal with us. In the online space to develop this trigger to drive sales is worth a thought. Always keep them engaged with you.

7. Fear

What if my health deteriorates if I do not get the supplement, what if my product is not available so on and so forth? People are always in some fear or the other. Some marketers use to capitalize on it and generate a need for their product or service. 

If used the right way, all the above triggers would positively impact your product or service.

Let’s now understand the basics of sales. What we discussed so far is the sales strategy. Understanding the customers by knowing their current state and leading them to their desired state will help us with the right product fit. Our product and service would act as a catalyst in moving them closer to their desired state.

  • Establishing the current state and the desired state
  • Ask their current state.
  • Ask their future state.
  • Ask them how they would change if they reach their desired state—showing them the real picture.
  • Ask them what is stopping them from going there by themselves. Let them give you the accord to help them. They need to realize their issues, only then they will be ready to buy without much sales effort.

“Tell the truth but make it fascinating. You cannot bore people to buy your product; you can only interest them into buying it”- David Ogilvy

  • Positioning the product between the two states
  • Asking them if they believe you can help them with the transition
  • Ask them permission to share the solution with them
  • Creating scarcity and persuading them to buy (Ethically)
  • Generating profit
  • Delivering the solution and reinvesting the profits into lead generation.

This approach of deploying these sales strategies would help you to be sales-ready. This is how Copywriting and Sales helps a marketer penetrate their ideas and products into the consumer’s mind and buying habits.


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