Bachelor of technology is one of the most popular courses chosen by science stream students after the completion of 12th science students look at the degree as a path towards a rewarding job in terms of starting pay job security and other perks.

B tech or bachelor of technology is one of the prestigious and most popular courses opted by science students. It is a 4 years full time undergraduate course and is offered in various disciplines such as computer science, civil, mechanical, and electronic and information technology. A professional engineering undergraduate degree is awarded to applicants after the completion of four years of academic study in the engineering field a degree is the starting point for a successful career in engineering.

Benefits of doing a course and becoming an engineer

  1. A high level of job satisfaction – An engineer in their respective organizations have high job satisfaction on. They are rewarded with a variety of incentives performance at work.
  2. A variety of career options – An engineer opt to specialize in one of their field, or they can purse entrepreneurship or management opportunity well known faculty members at every engineering institution.
  3. Development of the mind – Engineers collaborate alongside some of the world’s brightest minds, and their intellectual development is unstoppable. They have real world solutions and serve as role models for others by being a beacon of hope.
  4. Work that is both challenging and interesting – Engineer jobs aren’t for the for the faint at heart. They are often confronted with interesting problems to Overcome and Assist people with their problem solved abilities. They have their jobs because they get to deal with the pressures and expectations of the real world.
  5. Society’s Assistive Hand – Engineers have a valuable service to society. They help us solve challenges, which for the construction of dams, airports, hospital equipment and scientific breakthrough among other things.
  6. Financial security – Engineering is a highly profitable profession with the least minimum pay on salaries of any discipline.
  7. Reputation – Engineers are well liked in society because of their many achievements. They are welcomed everywhere and have a bright future ahead of them because society will not underestimate them.
  8. Scientific and technological breakthrough – Engineers stay close to those who pioneered technical and scientific breakthrough. Engineering teaches you how things work, allowing you to make breakthrough in a variety of fields such as health care, space and ocean exploration robots, automobiles and many others.

Job roles for Aspirants

Engineers are held in high regard for their contributions to society. In every business, they are greeted with open arms and heart. You can become a civil engineer, computer engineer, production engineer, mechanical engineer after the completing course.

Salary=Salary in this profession is entirely dependent on experience, once you’ve gained some experience, your pay would well exceed your expectations. A graduates starting salary ranges from Rs20, 000 to 30,000 a month. After gaining experience, you will be able to make a good living in this field Experienced graduates can expect to earn between and 10 lacs each year depending on the company they work with. Engineers are still in demand in other nations as well, where they can earn a good wage.


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