What after Graduation in 2021?- Skills to build for a better future

In this competitive world, skills matter the most. No matter how good you are in a particular field, there are always others who might be better in it. Gone are those days when a simple matriculation degree helps you be recognized in the community and get your dream job. Nowadays, what matters the most are skills that you possess to compete with your colleagues along with your graduation degree. A Graduation degree and a post-graduate degree are the simple benchmarks to get a job, but these, combined with a skill-oriented course, serve better.

8 List of Professional courses after graduation


Many students, after their graduation, are leaning towards Post Graduate Degree in Management (PGDM), which is a popular course in today’s time other than MBA. It has its merits because most of the colleges offering PGDM are autonomous institutes, so there is flexibility in updating their syllabus. On the other hand, in university-affiliated colleges, the syllabus will change only if the University changes it. Many corporations are hiring PGDM students in today’s time, and there are lots of PGDM courses around the world.

A. Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management (PGDM HR)

A Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management is one of the oldest and the most prestigious program. The program helps in expanding HR leaders by challenging critical thinking and concentrating on renovations in this field. The students who graduated from this field are qualified for better positions like HR Manager, HR Consultant, HR Officer, and Senior HR Officer.

Eligibility: Bachelors degree in any discipline

Duration: 2 years.

B. Post Graduate Diploma in Banking and Finance

Amid banking and finance business requirements, an integrated new generation of banking and finance professionals are in need. The Course is inventive, far-reaching and develops future banking and financial professionals. This program offers career opportunities like Bank managers in Nationalized, Private and foreign banks, Financial Manager, Financial Agents, Banking Officer, Financial Analysts, etc.

Eligibility: Bachelors degree in any discipline

Duration: 2 years.

2. MBA

Just like PGDM, an MBA degree also has an excellent reputation in the market. It is advantageous for the candidate if he has an MBA degree with a standard degree. Many colleges and universities offer MBA degrees. 

3. M. Tech

The above two courses are management courses; M. Tech is purely a technical course. A candidate who has done their BE or B.Tech can join this two years program. For the candidate looking for a job in their core, M.Tech is undoubtedly a good option.

Eligibility: B.E/B.Tech or MCA

Duration: 2 years.


Post Graduate Diploma in Event Management is a course which helps young graduates to start their own business and also work on jobs. Nowadays, people are celebrating the littlest of their achievements or happiness grandly. That is when this diploma will give them the experience to organize and hold events.

Eligibility: Graduation in any field

Duration: One year, full-time.

5. Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management

Graduates from any discipline become eligible for Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management. Colleges provide an internship program for practical hands-on experience.

Eligibility: Graduation in any field

Duration: One year.

6. PGDM in Digital Marketing

PGDM in Digital Marketing course helps students learn the tools and ideas of Digital Marketing, which can be applied to a company’s marketing efforts. Post Graduate Diploma holder will make an average salary from 3 lakhs to 6 lakhs per annum.

Eligibility: Graduation 

Duration: 1 to 2 years

7. PGDM in International Business

The world’s economy is progressively global. Students who wish to develop their interest in the global market and many regions of the world can apply for PGDM in International Business, which will provide you with a vision into the global economics and business environment. Students learn how transactions are done in a professional way and in which manner International Business works.

PGDM in International Business is a two years diploma course, and each year is divided into two semesters.

8. Post-Graduate Diploma in Software Engineering (PGDSE)

This course provides scholars with the required skills to become a team player in a software development organization. The program is designed to update skills in Java, Java EE, and software engineering skills.

Eligibility: Bachelors degree in any discipline

Duration: 1 year