If you want to opt for an MBA degree, it will depend upon your interest in the specific MBA programme. It has many specializations, and choosing one will solely depend upon your picture for the course. Do you have to have a clear picture in mind of why you are choosing that particular course in MBA? What is the content for that specific specialization, and how will it help you get a high-paying job. It sometimes becomes challenging to select the courses in MBA because the courses are much diversified. There are a lot of courses in MBA available in the market. There are approximately 3000 MBA colleges offering more than 8500 different types of MBA courses in India. It sometimes becomes challenging to choose from varied specializations and finalize the best-tailored courses in MBA.

The best courses in MBA are those which focus mainly upon the career growth-oriented management education and also are according to the industry requirements.

In the current scenario, the list of the courses in MBA in India which are the top 5 specializations include:

  1. Finance
  2. Marketing
  3. Human Resource Management
  4. International Business
  5. Rural Management

We shall discuss the courses mentioned above one by one, I would like to say that the placement records of some of the MBA courses, just like the ones mentioned above, is comparatively higher than the other courses in MBA. A skilled MBA with a specialized course is more in demand in the corporate sector than a General MBA who lacks that strong decision making expertise in the area.

Now let’s discuss some of the top courses in MBA which I have briefly named above and understand the details of these courses.

1. MBA Financial Management: MBA in Finance is one of the most preferred MBA courses. MBA in Finance is opted by those students who want to gain excellence and groom their leadership skills in Financial Management, Corporate Acquisitions & Mergers, Banking, Accounting, Financial Management, etc.

Who should opt for the MBA Finance course?

MBA Finance course can be opted by students who have passed their graduation in Commerce, Science and Humanities. The course can also be opted by those who have done their CA/CS/ICWA or other Engineering backgrounds. There is no specialized qualifications bar to opt for MBA in Finance. There is also no age bar to opt for the course.

Profiles and Roles Offered

MBA in Finance has succeeded to be the most preferred course in MBA in many top-notch colleges. The demand for Finance Management professionals has been increasing drastically year after year. These Graduates play an essential role in Planning, Controlling and Managing the Financial resources of a company and hence are in great demand.

MBA Finance job opportunities exist in banking, accounting and taxation, fund management, insurance management, stock portfolio management, investment management, mergers and acquisitions and other key areas.

MBA in Finance is given roles and job positions like Financial Analyst, Portfolio Manager, Treasury Manager, Corporate Finance Manager and others.

MBA Finance top recruiters

Top recruiters who look for candidates with an MBA in finance include KPMG, Boston Consulting, ICICI, Morgan Stanley, CRISIL, JP Morgan, Barclays, McKinsey, Bain & Co. 

2. MBA Marketing: MBA in Marketing Management is one of the most preferred courses of an MBA degree. Students pursue this course in getting skilled in the areas like Consumer Behaviour, Branding, Product Development, Advertising and Communication, Services Marketing, Rural Marketing and Digital Marketing etc.

Who should opt for MBA Marketing Management?

MBA in Marketing Management is opted by students who have these specific skills or are inclined towards building these skills: Mathematical ability, Good Communication Skills, Reasoning Skills, Problem-Solving skills and Analytical and Leadership Skills.

Not all can pursue this course because to excel in the field of Sales and Marketing; it needs the right temperament and inclination towards the program. MBA in Sales and Marketing is opted by those students who have a flair for communicating with more and more people, have excellent communication skills, and understand human behaviour.

All companies, be it national or international and all sectors, whether private or government, need marketing professionals. Top recruiters in this domain include the IT Sector, Banking Sector, FMCG sector, and Consulting sector.

3. MBA Human Resource Management:  Managing and retaining the best human resource in the workplace has become a challenging task for many companies today. Candidates who have done their MBA in HR has shown an increase in demand in the corporate and industry. Their skills become essential to hire, manage and retain talent in a company or organization. MBA HR jobs have seen a significant rise in campus placements off many MBA Colleges.

Who should opt for MBA HRM Course?

If you are fascinated by the human side of an organization, this course is a good fit for you. This MBA programme expects its candidates to develop skills to hire and manage people so that every organization employee is familiar and confident about their job role and clear about the organization’s goals. 

The programme has the primary objective to produce the most skilful HR professional who can prove to be an asset to any organization by managing its core functions and Human resource-related challenges.

Profiles and Roles offered

MBA in HR professionals are required to handle the hiring and retaining of the Human resource and ensure the company’s smooth functioning and growth. There are a number of HR jobs providing high salary packages for an MBA in Human Resource Management.

Profiles offered to PGDM or MBA professionals in HR include HR Managers- Talent acquisition, Training, Compliance, Senior Manager HR, AVP, VP and Director-HR, among others.

Top Recruiters

Accenture, Wipro, KPMG, Infosys, ICICI, HDFC, Tata, BPCL and Aditya Birla Group and several Private and Public sector companies can hire an MBA in HR professionals.

4. MBA in International Business

International business is the backbone of the economic growth of the country. Those who have done their MBA in International Business know how the precious foreign currency can be earned for the country with the best management skills.

MBA in International Business helps to gain an understanding of the capabilities needed for international operations. It helps to acquire skills in International Marketing, Finance and other international codes of conduct.

Who should opt for MBA International Business?

MBA International Business is for those who are interested in global operations and international exports and imports. 

Roles and Profiles offered

Manager International Operations, Manager Exports, Manager Imports, Manager Logistics, Manager International Finance are the entry-level profiles and roles offered to the candidates in domestic and international companies.

Top Recruiters

There are national and international recruiters who hire candidates with MBA in International Business. Some top recruiters are as follows: Airtel, Amazon, Axis Bank, Bajaj Auto, Britannia, Citibank, Godrej, HP, HT Media, ICICI, KPMG, Maersk Line, Piramal, Wipro Technologies, and Tata Motors, among others.

5. MBA Rural Management

MBA in Rural Management is one booming course in MBA in India. More than 50% of India’s marketing, Finance and Human Resource Management will be related to Rural Management. MBA in Rural Management professionals will be significantly in demand in recent times in India. Therefore, more and more multinationals are attracted towards hiring these professionals seeing the vast potential of the rural market in India.

Who should pursue MBA in Rural Management?

Rural Management is a course that helps learn and manage the rural market primarily dominated by agriculture and other products. It is mainly using raw materials and increasing the production, sales and distribution of the product. The ones interested and want to grow as a Rural Management Expert should go for MBA in Rural Management.

Careers and Profiles

The MBA in Rural Management course is in high demand and offers 100% placement to its candidates. Many MBA Institutes are introducing this course due to the popularity of the course and the rise of jobs. This course offers jobs to its students through college placements and manages to get a job outside as well.

Top Recruiters

The top MBA recruiters in Rural Management include Amul, Godrej Agrovet, Pioneering Ventures, Way cool, RBL Bank, Rabo Bank, Cloudtail, Reckitt Benckiser, ADM, KPMG, IBM, ICICI, Microsoft, ITC and Nokia, among others.


An MBA course has a high demand in today’s world. A good MBA degree is enough to attract a high paying job. But there is a difference between a specialized course of MBA and a general MBA. 

The amount of opportunities and scope that a specialized MBA gives to its students is comparatively higher than a general MBA. So it’s always better to choose a specialized course over a general course.

There are many specialized MBA courses, five of which I have mentioned above in the article. It gives the students immense opportunities to learn and showcase their talent in their specific field and, in turn, earn a high salary.

The five courses in MBA or specializations mentioned are the most highly sought after careers in MBA with a vast scope. There are others too which I would like to cover in another article.


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