2020 was an unusual year for school education as much it was for the rest of the world, so is the year 2021. We have experienced too much chaos and confusion in both these years. According to experts, following the absurdity and instability of these years, there are some education sector trends that are being incorporated in school education in the year 2021.

More focus on SEL

After a year characterized by unpredictability and unusual change, we have realized the value of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) more than ever before. SEL skills help us manage our emotions, our relationships with others and are helpful in better organizing ourselves. Adults and students can benefit from the time spent on SEL, mainly because of the turmoil this pandemic has created for us all. As a result, schools and educators have focused more on SEL and made safe and favourable learning environments.

Digital Learning and Ed-Tech

We have seen that digital learning platforms and ed-tech skyrocket this year. Significant investments in digital education have taken up large spaces in the daily news updates. Therefore, we can see both students and parents exploring these new offerings and schools may also collaborate with service providers to increase more students learning. 

Blended Learning

Finally, Blended Learning is grown to be a common feature in 2021. After being compelled to use only technology to impart education to the students for close to a year, Educators have embraced and witnessed the many merits of technology in the classroom. Therefore, it is the right time to bring technology into the classrooms as both the students and the teacher are now more familiar and comfortable with it than ever before.

Similarly, parent’s involvement and support has also become the critical feature of schooling during the pandemic. Additionally, we have seen great respect emerge for educators while everyone was stuck at home. We can hope this sense of gratitude and appreciation will continue. So these are some education sector trends that are being prevalent in the year 2021.


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