With the rise of the pandemic, the students undoubtedly suffered the most. It was no longer about their education being disrupted or delayed but the loss of precious time they would never get back. It was supposed to be a part of their life where they made long-lasting memories with their friends that they would cherish throughout their life. Instead, they were trapped in their houses and lived a life full of uncertainty and apprehension. But it is human nature to overcome adversities and grow in the process.

What’s the point of staying productive?

Some might argue that there is no reason to stay productive while all the educational institutes are closed. They think of spending their time leisurely till their colleges reopen. But what if they learned to spend their time more efficiently and use this lockdown to improve themselves? So here are some tips that would help you become more productive during and after this lockdown.

Structuring your life

Giving structure to your life by making a daily routine will help you stay motivated. Completing each element of the day’s exercise will help you boost your confidence and tackling the work that you kept pending will become much easier. But one should keep in mind that, everyone is different and they do things based on their own convenience. The idea is to take that first step toward forming a routine and the rest will become much easier. Remember this can not be done in a single day, this requires consistent efforts and perseverance. You can do this by taking things slow and gradually increasing your pace.

Adding productive activities to one’s routine

The number one thing you should have in your routine is exercise. Exercise has innumerable benefits, from repelling diseases to improving our cognitive abilities, exercise gives us gains with the least amount of effort. There is no reason to not do exercise.

Reading a book is also recommended, as it provides us with knowledge of things that we haven’t experienced ourselves. It is also a great way to improve our language comprehension ability and vocabulary.

Acquiring skills that can help us in our future. Nowadays many online learning platforms can help us acquire knowledge in the comfort of our homes.

Breaks are just as important; they help us relax and allow us to get back to our routine with a new level of energy. An ideal break should be the one which we spend away from any kind of technology. Going out for a walk is a good option.

Factors affecting our productivity

The environment in which we study or do our work plays a crucial role in determining our productivity. You should arrange a place that is quiet and peaceful, this will help you concentrate thus boosting your productivity.

 It can also be the company that you surround yourself with. People who have the same interests as you can also provide you with some healthy competition, this can also help you increase your productivity.

Lockdown’s impact on mental health

The major issue faced by today’s generation is mental health problems. This got magnified due to the lockdowns. People had an obligation to be social in the public. For the people that suffered from mental health issues, venting their feelings out to their friends or teachers provided them with a form of release. This was taken away from them due to lockdowns. This contributed to their mental health deteriorating.

To combat this, you have to remain socially active by talking to your friends or teachers online through your phones. You can also share your feelings with your family members.


The best way to improve your productivity is to find that balance. For example, doing a task for a long period of time without taking breaks or doing nothing but slacking without even beginning your task will damage your productivity. Taking the right amount of breaks between the tasks present in your routine is the key. Paying close attention to one’s mental and physical health is also a must. Finding the balance between doing “too much” and doing “too little” will allow you to overcome this pandemic.

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