NEP 2020 will bring a massive difference in the area of education. NEP is a positive move that will bring changes in the ways of imparting education and learning of the children. NEP will change the way we look at education and stay for our children in the coming years. If implemented properly the NEP can change and transform India’s education system and make our children more empowered for the future.

NEP-2020 is built on the pillars of-

1. ACCESS to all the students irrespective of their geographical location.

2. EQITY amongst all the teaching fraternity and the student body.

3. QUALITY of teaching and curriculum have to undergo a profound change to make it more effective.

4. AFFORDABILITY for all the students in pursuing their studies. Education should be affordable for all the students of the various levels of society. All the students should be treated equally.

5. ACCOUNTABILITY, where the students and the school and parents would be accountable for the child’s learning process.

Firstly, the NEP aims to make the students become independent learners and become self-reliant when it comes to education. The NEP ensures that it provides a holistic approach in terms of education in India. As a school, the NEP is stretching on education beyond the textbooks and is more focused on concept-based learning. The NEP also focuses on developing education standards in remote areas and in villages where the students are not that privileged as that of the city. The NEP focuses mainly on education becoming accessible to all and access to technology. As a result, The students become more self-reliant.

Secondly, the NEP focuses on skill-based learning. It ensures that the study’s curriculum is based more on modern, engaging teaching methodology. This is very relevant in today’s scenario, where the children look up to various opportunities. This is very important for the schools to implement modern teaching practices to show exemplary performance. The successful application of skills also makes the students ready to compete and get placed in India’s top universities worldwide.

Thirdly, the NEP focuses on research and innovation. This aspect of NEP helps the students excel through the curriculum based on developing research and innovative skills through the activities and projects assigned, such as a Design challenge for all grades. These make the students creative. Through these research and innovation skills, our country can move ahead and progress in the world environment by keeping pace with the world’s advancements in research and innovation.

NEP is about to make India a Knowledge superpower looking towards reforms in schools across India. India also has the ‘Make in India’ project, which would reduce the brain drain from India. Our youth will decide our nation’s growth and recognize the areas of progress and concerns in our country.

NEP also focuses on better infrastructure in schools, innovative education centers, and labs to learn better. The replacement of the 10+2 structure of the school curriculum with a 5+3+3+4 curricular system will benefit the younger children and assist them in learning the concepts based on their development. The NEP also highlights that the education would be of global standards and help in a child’s mental development. The NEP focuses on the well-being of the students across the country with experts in the field.