In collaboration with Microsoft, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has introduced coding as a subject for the students of Class 6-8 and Data Science curriculum for the students of Class 8-12 as the new skilling subjects for the academic session 2021-22.

The Coding and Data Science curriculum has been focused on building critical thinking, problem-solving skills, creativity, computational skills and hands-on exposure to the new technologies. The new skilling subjects have been launched in line with the New Education Policy (NEP) 2020.

“As we transition into a world of technology, we must impart skills that prepare students and educators all over the country to succeed in the digital world. This new course curriculum of coding and data science will equip the students with future-ready skills. This is a crucial step to build self-reliance among students and provide them with skills like problem-solving, collaboration, logical thinking and design thinking that are critical for success.” Manoj Ahuja, Chairman, CBSE.

Microsoft has designed supplementary handbooks for both coding and data science in alignment with NCERT structures and patterns. The book’s cover real-life examples aimed at building exposure to the ethical dimensions exposure to Microsoft Make Code, an open-source platform to help students learn better in a gamified manner across all disciplines like Mathematics and Social Sciences while building the foundations of the AI-based applications of data science.

“Skills like data science and coding are the currency of the future. Introducing these skill-based courses and curriculum for the students will play a strong role in shaping the future workforce of India and for the new world of work,” Navtez Bal, Executive Director, Public Sector, Microsoft India.


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